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1 Box of 30 patches:

  • Slimming Patch Navel Stick Magnetic Sharpe Slim Patches Weight Loss Burning Fat Detox Adhesive Sheet
  • The Slim Patch is all natural and 100% safe herbal patch developed to help your body shed fat safely and quickly.
  • The slim-effecting rate of using patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system, the liver and the kidney. Its effective ingredients are also preserved likewise.

Ingredients: Poriacocos, Maythorn, Immature bitter orange, Scutellaria baiclensis, Alisma orientalis, Angelica sinensis, traces of plant extract. 

1 Pack of 24 slimming patches:

Treating all fat area (Tummy, hips, thighs, legs).
* Suitable for those who do not have time to exercise.
* Ideal for full body  treatment .
* Each patch lasts for six hours . Suitable to apply while sleeping .
* Contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and effectively burn fat.
* 4 weeks of exercise and a healthy diet is advisable for optimum results 

Ingredients :
Five natural origin ingredients (patented ingredient - side parcel Rico, Salicornia extract, capsaicin, kadekin, caffeine)

Size : 
Hip -- 93mm x 50mm
Thighs and Tummy -- 160mm x 53mm
Legs -- 160mm x 39mm

General Instructions for Use :

1) Clean the skin. Make sure the surface is not wet. Please use Cream or Moisturiser before and after use of the patches. peel away protective cover and apply to navel area adhesive side down.

2)Please take a shower before peel off the patch. Avoid the wounds.

3)It is recommended you use every day. Each use time is 5 hours, the longest can stick to 8 hours. 

4)Appropriate exercise plus a reasonable diet, the effect is better.

Slim patches Warning: If you have any symptoms such skin irritation, red blotches following the use of this product, stop using the product immediately.


PACK OF 24  €19

BOX OF 30 €25