* Treating all fat area (Tummy, hips, thighs, legs).
* Suitable for those who do not have time to exercise.
* Ideal for full body  treatment .
* Each patch lasts for six hours . Suitable to apply while sleeping .

* Contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and effectively burn fat.

* 4 weeks of exercise and a healthy diet is advisable for optimum results 

Usage Instructions:
Clean and dry skin.
Open the package and paste the slimming patch surrounding the desired area . Keep away from wounds.
Apply One piece every two days. Wear before going to bed, leave on for 6 hours to 8 hours.
The slimming effect would be better achieved together with diet and sports.

Major ingredients :
Five natural origin ingredients (patented ingredient - side parcel Rico, Salicornia extract, capsaicin, kadekin, caffeine)

Size : 
Hip -- 93mm x 50mm
Thighs and Tummy -- 160mm x 53mm
Legs -- 160mm x 39mm


PRICES FROM 14-10-2019

PRICE :  PACK OF 24 : 19.99 euros
PACK OF 48 : 40 euros

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